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Cannara Project

Cannara Sister City


Walla Walla has a new Sister City – Cannara, Italy, which is famous for its annual Onion Festival. Four WA-HI students have
been chosen to be the first ambassadors to visit Cannara as part of a Sister City
exchange. The girls were chosen, in part, because they are members of the Danza
Classica Ballet Company and will be touring and competing in Italy this summer.


The ballet company will make a stop and perform in Cannara as part of their tour.
At the end of the company’s tour, the four girls - Nathalia Cazarez, Katie Janis,
Taya Lovejoy, and Colleen McKibben - will travel from Rome back to Cannara
where they will spend two weeks taking culinary classes, learning Italian, taking
ballet classes, touring the surrounding area, and soaking up the culture. The girls
travel back to Walla Walla on July 12 th with two students from Cannara who will
then spend several weeks here in the Walla Walla valley.


The girls are trying to raise $3000 total to offset their costs of the extra two weeks
abroad and surcharges associated with changing flights. Donations are being
accepted through Kooskooskie Commons and through PayPal.


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