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Overview of Our Work

Kooskooskie Commons is a nonprofit based in Walla Walla, Washington. We are dedicated to bringing people together to better understand and conserve the natural resources of the Walla Walla Basin through education, the arts, storytelling, events and experiential learning.

Stream Restoration

We works with inmates from the Washington State Penitentiary to restore steams by removing invasive plant species and replanting native plants. These efforts improve water quality and the overall health of our habitats. 

Water Quality

Our interns collect data about the health of local streams in order to assess the impacts of stream restoration. Currently, we collect data in the Walla Walla River, Yellowhawk River, and Mill Creek, among other streams. Check out our available data and reports page for more information.

Water Policy and Management

We work with local stakeholders to understand the issues facing our community and resources. We are currently involved in the Walla Walla Water 2050 initiative, run by the Department of Ecology, which aims to improve streamflow and water quality in the Walla Walla Basin by bringing together a wide range of stakeholders.

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