Cannara Sister City Project

 Walla Walla has a sister city, Cannara, Italy, which is famous for its annual Onion Festival. In the past, each city has hosted two exchange students. The purpose of the exchange is to provide students with opportunities to explore different cultures, engage with other young people and strengthen the ties between the two cities. Although this project has been on hold, we have  selected two Walla Walla students to travel to Cannara in June 2022! To cover travel expenses and enhance the visit to Walla Walla with Cannara students, please provide a gift through our donation page - linked in menu and on this page under "Donate".

Photo Gallery

Chiara and Alison returning home to Cann
Henry and Grace.jpg
Allison and Chiara with onions.jpg
Chiara Seattle Farmers Market.JPG
Alison and Chiara with WW exchange stude